Devin Price



Devin was introduced to music as a young child. He started playing violin at age 5 then moving onto trumpet with the school jazz band. Unfortunately, through the busy times, these instruments got pushed aside. During these years he dabbled with drums, bass, and didgeridoo.  It wasn’t until a trip to Hawaii in 2008 when he picked up his first ukulele; it was love at first sight. He hasn’t been able to put it down since, and has started a business building ukuleles (TyDe Music).

Devin loves the ukulele because it is fun, simple, and easy to bring anywhere. Its 4 strings and smaller size make it easy pickup songs and play all different kinds of music. He loves to share the ukulele and to help bring joy into others lives. He believes if everyone on earth played the ukulele, we would live on a more peaceful planet.

10320 Donner Pass Rd Suite A
Truckee, CA 96161